Don’t Stop

Whats the one thing that scares you the most.

Its universal we are scared of getting hurt.

Hurt by jobs.

Hurt by situations

Hurt by family.

Hurt by others.. and list goes on.

This happens to everybody. The creator or god or anyone doesn’t care whether you’re good or bad, or you’re rich or poor.So many people nowadays want things the easy way. They are like, if i see something i want it right now. We are guided by our feelings not by the situation. Its a part of life to get hurt, but not to stay in it forever. Don’t give up on your life that way. Thats the worst thing you could do to yourself and your life. Wake up everyday with a winning attitude.Jump out of your bed, start running become active. Get out of your house and get in your car ,drive somewhere . Meet new people ,interact with them .Travel to different places, Learn new things and implement them in your life.


Your job in the process is simple, you just have to keep moving and never stop on the journey you are walking into.

And as always try to smile ..







Confucius said: ‘He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually Right.

You know what you wanna do, you know what you wanna be, you know everything and you have everything. The problem is you’re just sitting there and just watching. You’re scared to get up early, you’re scared to work hard, you’re scared to do things that are hard even though you know it will make you better.

Why do you do it to yourself.

Life’s simple.If you want something, it’s already yours. All you have to do is go out and get it. It’s That simple. But the thing is it’s not easy. Remember it’s simple but not easy. The hard truth is even if it were easy,we will make it hard enough to get ourselves out of our goals, that’s how we are nowadays. We have a brain that’s 1000 of years old and is looking for what’s wrong more than what it right. You’d see this everywhere around you. People tend to look at things and point out what’s wrong rather than pointing out what’s right. That’s one major thing that’s holding us down sometimes. And the other one, the silent killer, Mr.Distraction. hes becoming bigger and famous everyday. He’s gotten so big that he has become a part of our lives. It’s really so hard to avoid him in this generation. He pop’s out from every corner you can’t even imagine and kills the fire in you that’s cooking your dreams.

Now is the time to make change. You are meant to achieve great things. Make your future brighter than your past.


Peace ☮️


It’s not just one day, it’s everyday.

As Steve Jobs said

If today were the last day of my life, Would i want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Everyday is an opportunity to do something new. So try to be different. We are born to show our own greatness, not others greatness. Every single day you wake up and do something that scares you.This puts you outside your comfort zone, which is the source of growth. You grow stronger mentally and this boosts up your self confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself, you’ll respect yourself. You’ll become the greatest version of yourself, feeling alive each and every moment.You should be living your life in the wild running and jumping around.Not sitting in your room and watching TV or playing video games.

But all of this ain’t gonna happen in a day or two. Self growth is not the destination.Just like our lives it’s a journey.A journey that will take you to a whole lot of new experiences and every time you do something that is hard, you’ll learn something about yourself. All of this happens only if you keep moving on and Never stop. It’s Every single day and that’s the hard part. It’s easy to plan things and plot them how you are going to execute.That’s not even the beginning.The game starts only when you take action toward your goal and keep acting on them everyday until one day, that one big day, You eventually made your dream a reality.

Eventually at least once in your life you gotta jump.Its simple.You just have to close your eyes,trust yourself and jump off that cliff.Now when you jump and you pull the chord, your parachute might not open immediately. what will you do?. Believe me you still have a choice here. You could either keep going on and trust yourself and believe that the parachute will open or you could just  give up (It’s our choice everywhere). But someway or other your parachute has to open. It  may not be right now but  eventually it will open. All you have to do is trust yourself and keep going.




Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

You see many people achieving great things everyday. What’s the one thing that comes to your mind when you look at them?

Everyone looks at their positive qualities. We humans tend to see the positivity among others but not ourselves.It is natural human tendency, we’ve been doing that for years.We look at how lucky they were or how blessed they were. But we don’t see the struggle they’ve been through to get where they are right now. Look at athletes, they work day and night everyday again and again. It’s a continuous process, they keep on grindin and work even harder everyday just for that one game.  They crush their weakness and grow stronger. 

We are destined to achieve many things in life, but all we do is fake our lives using filtered pictures of ourself showing the world that we are happy when really deep down inside we aren’t. We think that the most important thing is to get accepted by others , so we act in such a way people will get to like us some way or other. Eventually that leads to us being no one. We lose our human spirit.

Realise you true self. Redefine your dreams,Invest time on yourself, what are you good at, what do you like, what is you goal. You answer for yourself, not anyone else. You are the creator, you are the destroyer. You control everything.Realise what you wanna do in your life, ask yourself”what is the one thing I like to do, even if I fail at it”. That’s your key to success. Success is not the product. It is a process of growth. The more you grow, the more successful you’d be.

When life knocks you down try to land on your back, because if you can look you can get up”-Les Brown.


Peace ☮️


What you THINK is more important than what you DO.

We are complex creatures and are gifted with the ability to THINK. That’s the one thing that seperates us from other creatures. Thoughts are the root of action. They are the source of feelings.Positive thoughts create positive feelings and enables you to take clear and confident action towards something. on the other hand Negative thoughts bring in hate and regret and thereby you’ll start acting in a bad way. The process is simple..

  1. You have a thought.

     2.  Thought causes feelings.

     3.   Feelings bring out action.

     4.   Action brings out habits.

     5.   Habits determine your character.

The beautiful part is that you are the driver of your thoughts. Only you know what you want in your life. If you want something so bad, you have to get out of your comfort zone and try something new everyday towards achieving your goal. Do just a little bit of work towards your goal today and work on that everyday. When you fail at something, don’t just sit there and blame yourself or others, get up and do it again. Failures are a part of life, but guess what they are not life.




Make a choice. What do you wanna be. Who do you wanna be. Don’t try imitating others actions. They bring you nothing. The greatest person you can ever think of is being you, becoming the greatest version of yourself.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires hardwork and dedication to become someone great. Waking up everyday running towards your goals and crushing them every again and again until you achieve your goal. Having a clear vision is very important. It generates the fire inside you to get up every and run towards something.

Believe in yourself because there might be times where you are alone with no one to support you. It’s hard but it’s worth it. You glory will change everything. It will be best days you could ever live..

Peace ☮️


What wakes you up everyday?

Do you really feel like waking up everyday??

What woke you up..

Your dream or your problems..

Whatever happens to you. Just rethink “it happened for you”. It is changing you everyday. Whether the change is good or bad. That’s your choice. You can make your life or break your life. It’s in your hands..

Have a vision my friends. Where you wanna go?? What is your goal??. If your reasons for your dream aren’t powerful enough, your excuses will be. Don’t fall for that. It’s one of the biggest trap you could ever fall into.

If you visualise you materialize. If you truly believe you can achieve whatever you want. Think of any successful person. They believe in themselves even when there are critics around them. They don’t pay attention to adversity. They go through it.

Also planning is just not enough. Your first step counts only when you take action. Action is progress. Action is the real game.




Why are you here?

Why are you here?

Looking for success?

Peace ☮️

Happiness? 😆

Love?. ❤️

Well my friend whatever it is you want in your life. It takes work. And by work I mean consistency and patience.

We want everything right now. We look at something and we want it right now. That’s how our brain works. It wants you to make you happy. But it doesn’t realise there’s a bridge between virtuality and reality. That’s “work”my friends. It connects you and your dream.