What wakes you up everyday?

Do you really feel like waking up everyday??

What woke you up..

Your dream or your problems..

Whatever happens to you. Just rethink “it happened for you”. It is changing you everyday. Whether the change is good or bad. That’s your choice. You can make your life or break your life. It’s in your hands..

Have a vision my friends. Where you wanna go?? What is your goal??. If your reasons for your dream aren’t powerful enough, your excuses will be. Don’t fall for that. It’s one of the biggest trap you could ever fall into.

If you visualise you materialize. If you truly believe you can achieve whatever you want. Think of any successful person. They believe in themselves even when there are critics around them. They don’t pay attention to adversity. They go through it.

Also planning is just not enough. Your first step counts only when you take action. Action is progress. Action is the real game.





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