It’s not just one day, it’s everyday.

As Steve Jobs said

If today were the last day of my life, Would i want to do what I’m about to do today?”

Everyday is an opportunity to do something new. So try to be different. We are born to show our own greatness, not others greatness. Every single day you wake up and do something that scares you.This puts you outside your comfort zone, which is the source of growth. You grow stronger mentally and this boosts up your self confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself, you’ll respect yourself. You’ll become the greatest version of yourself, feeling alive each and every moment.You should be living your life in the wild running and jumping around.Not sitting in your room and watching TV or playing video games.

But all of this ain’t gonna happen in a day or two. Self growth is not the destination.Just like our lives it’s a journey.A journey that will take you to a whole lot of new experiences and every time you do something that is hard, you’ll learn something about yourself. All of this happens only if you keep moving on and Never stop. It’s Every single day and that’s the hard part. It’s easy to plan things and plot them how you are going to execute.That’s not even the beginning.The game starts only when you take action toward your goal and keep acting on them everyday until one day, that one big day, You eventually made your dream a reality.

Eventually at least once in your life you gotta jump.Its simple.You just have to close your eyes,trust yourself and jump off that cliff.Now when you jump and you pull the chord, your parachute might not open immediately. what will you do?. Believe me you still have a choice here. You could either keep going on and trust yourself and believe that the parachute will open or you could just  give up (It’s our choice everywhere). But someway or other your parachute has to open. It  may not be right now but  eventually it will open. All you have to do is trust yourself and keep going.





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